temporary surface protection

We’ve got you covered! ​Skudo is committed to offering industry leading, innovative solutions for tough protection challenges. All Skudo products provide a temporary covering to protect finished surfaces from construction site damages, spills and stains.

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Technical Specs

Commercial System: HT | MT
Tack-Mat: LT | Edge Protect
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Cross Border Xpress Pedestrian Bridge (San Diego, CA)

Skudo’s Commercial System, HT (Heavy Traffic) grade, protected concrete from heavy machinery and debris during the construction.

– Skudo with Turner Construction

The Problem

If you work in the construction industry, you are familiar with numerous contractors and tradespeople attempting to complete their work within increasingly short time frames, leading to:

1. Damage – Surfaces such as Concrete, Terrazzo, Marble, Stone, Hardwood, Tile, Metal, and Glass are constantly exposed to machinery, foot traffic and construction materials that can chip, dent, scratch or stain the surface.

​2. ​Accidents – Injuries (i.e. slip and falls) occur from contractors and workers having to navigate over inadequate temporary coverings such as paper, cardboard, plastic sheeting and plywood.

The Solution

Skudo offers products that provide solutions to common work site problems, such as damage to finished surfaces and trip and fall hazards that occur during the construction process. These issues cost you time and money.

1. Protection of Surfaces:  All Skudo products form a barrier over the surface and protect it from the varied construction site related damages and spills, reducing or eliminating the time and cost of repairs to the surface during the punch list process.

2. Protection of Workers:  Skudo products provide slip-resistant, stationary and seamless surfaces, creating a safer environment for all who step foot onto your site.

Let us find your ideal solution with Skudo.