About Us

PanAmar specializes in innovative, eco-friendly product offerings that Make A Difference! We are always searching the industry for new breakthroughs, and we believe in representing products like Skudo and STARC systems, that move the construction industry toward smarter, environmentally sound solutions.

PanAmar Inc. is a certified DBE, SBE, and WBE.  We view our certification status as a value-added component to all the other attributes we bring to the table. Our certification can help meet minority participation goals and is important for private sector clients who value supplier diversity. Our certifications assists in distinguishing our clients from competitors while bringing well-rounded and unique perspectives to projects.

Lisa Ferson


Lisa has worked in construction and development since 1985 when she received her degree in interior design. With a range of experience that helps enhance property values ​for her clients and partners, Lisa currently owns and manages both an interior design and renovation management firm and a real estate staging company. Lisa’s emphasis on integrity, commitment and teamwork further support PanAmar’s mission to provide sustainable, high-quality products to the construction industry.